How to cancel a revolving credit and cancel it completely?

Canceling a revolving credit can help shed weight. Canceling a revolving credit renders the associated credit card unusable, and prevents you from requesting an express credit transfer to your account. Please note, however, the remaining amount must be reimbursed in full. More information at What you need to know about revolving credit Revolving credit […]

How to respond to a “zombie debt”?

For your accident, old debt (even those you’re not responsible for) becomes a very profitable activity. Companies can buy this debt for very little money (sometimes referred to as “debt debt”) and then look for people who are likely to afford it. A call can be a harassment, harassment, demand threat and other inappropriate (and […]

15 days when the world celebrates money

The euro was created as a non-cash currency on 1 January 1999 after 30 years of planning. Banknotes and coins came into circulation three years later. Today, over 334 million people pay the euro. The best way to celebrate this day is to buy something for Euro. Are you always threatened when you see the […]

How to Make Money With Housing Mortgage Loans?

In this article we will show you how you can make money investing in real estate with recourse to housing credit. If you do a search, the rent search has been growing significantly, which translates into the increase in rental value. Real estate is again a popular investment, especially if we consider that the best […]

How to Save Money – Quick Credit Tips

Want to save money so that you can live more relaxed every month? Or do you want to start putting some money into a savings account? In this article Bertie Wooster presents you 5 tips that could make all the difference in your pocket. And you will see that it is not so difficult to […]