The euro was created as a non-cash currency on 1 January 1999 after 30 years of planning. Banknotes and coins came into circulation three years later. Today, over 334 million people pay the euro. The best way to celebrate this day is to buy something for Euro.

Are you always threatened when you see the bill for electricity, gas and water? And could you save somewhere? Maybe turn off the light when you leave the room. Create a list where you can save energy and try to keep it. The next postcard order will surprise you only pleasantly.

Laugh and get rich

Laugh and get rich

Has the New Year’s resolution long since taken its course? Does not matter. It’s time to laugh from their hearts and get rich. Unfortunately, the authors of this bizarre holiday do not give the exact way to make money.

They are small, have a full wallet and pockets and roll easily. Coin Search the house on February 12 for all the little things you’ve lost in a year. You can even compete with your family to find more coins. What about the newly acquired cash? Buy something for fun or donate to charity.

APR, cashback, debit. Do you know what these terms mean? Then the month of financial literacy is perfect for you. Spend at least a few hours studying banking concepts in March and don’t be surprised when you next visit the bank. And repeat your knowledge on September 8, when we celebrate Financial Literacy Day in the Czech Republic.

Equal pay day

Equal pay day

Up to 27%. Such is the difference between the salary of a woman and a man in the same position. To alert people to this injustice, merchants around the world offer special discounts for women on this day. The positive news is that the pay gap is slowly disappearing and some women have even managed to earn a higher salary than men in the same position.

Help endangered animals, sick children or disabled people. Donate your full day earnings to a charity organization on Wednesday May 2nd or support a specific person.

There are over 12 million millionaires in the world today. Why couldn’t you be next? Hear the advice of financial advisors on May 20, invest appropriately and wait for the seven-figure amount to appear in your account.

Throughout the year, you carefully save and put off any unexpected income aside? So on June 18, go to the shops and spend! Make yourself happy and reward for year-round thrift. Just don’t be wasteful too much to keep your debts off for the rest of the year.

Independent Sellers Month

Independent Sellers Month

Hypermarkets and shopping malls began to liquidate local retailers closing their stores. So support their business! Sample bakery from a side street baker or vegetables from a farmers market in July.

Every month, part of the money earned from social security is lost. But what does it mean and what does it bring us? August 4 is the perfect day to find out more. Find out what social insurance brings you to the benefits and why it’s useful to pay.

On September 23, 1949, Hilary A. Bufton, together with three other women from Kansas City, founded the American Business Women Association. There are special events and seminars around the world that support women in the business. Have a look at one of them.

Do you search all secret money hiding a week before your payout and hope to find a down payment? Learn how to handle money better. Start your day by keeping a book of income and expenses.

The bank does not lend you, you do not want to take any questionable money-making offers, but you need cash. Therefore, you decide to stop hours after grandma. Remember on December 6th those who lend you money for your property and don’t ask what you need it for.