Want to save money so that you can live more relaxed every month? Or do you want to start putting some money into a savings account? In this article Bertie Wooster presents you 5 tips that could make all the difference in your pocket. And you will see that it is not so difficult to have a better financial life

If you want to save … Make a Quote

If you want to save ... Make a Quote

The family budget is the basis for managing your money. Without a budget it is not possible to know where it is, essential point to define where you want to go (and how it goes). Make your budget. If you do not know where to start we suggest you read our article “The Importance of Family Budgeting” that will guide you along the way.

To Save We Have To Cut Costs

It is very difficult to save money if we do not cut costs. As a rule, we do not consider saving in the family budget so it is very likely that we will not be able to save money every month. So if we want to raise some money it will be necessary to cut costs, slightly reduce the quality of life in order to free some money for your savings account.

How to Save Money With Your Bank?

How to Save Money With Your Bank?

It is possible to save money on our banking relationship. Bertie Wooster works hard to renegotiate credits and we have been very successful in reducing costs (averaging more than 30% every month).

Another alternative is to switch banks, this is because there are banks that charge us less commissions than others. Incidentally, there are several banks that do not charge account maintenance commissions or bank transfer commissions. If you want to know the best bank for your current account or your ordered account, we suggest that you take a look at our analysis of banks and their commissions.

The Best Things Are Free

The Best Things Are Free

If we want to have a good life we ​​are likely to have several costs (sometimes too many). However, we tend to despise the best things. The best experiences. Simply because they are free. For example, I usually go for a walk with my kids and nephews to the city parks, bringing snacks to everyone. And this does not really have a cost and turns out to be a very well spent family time.

Have you noticed that the best things in life are free? And you have noticed that children do not need to spend money and have expensive things to be happy. Why not read our article on “How to talk to my son about money” and share your experience with us?

And a Savings Tip for Good Time …

And a Savings Tip for Good Time ...

The good weather has arrived and with it came the need for health to show on the beaches and pools of the area. At this time the gyms have already filled with people eager to reduce a few pounds. But we have also seen that good weather creates the opportunity to exercise outdoors and in the city fitness parks or by the river / sea. Why be spending money on gym sign ups that are probably not worth the price and where most likely will we not?